Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Choices and More About Myself

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! 

Before I begin this post I wanted to say that those of you who have been long time readers of my blog and who know me well are aware that I am a lady of a few words.  You can see this in my blog posts as well as in my comments on your blogs.  There are times where I will make a long post and share my deep thoughts and feelings, and this is one of those few posts.  Warning:  it is a long post.  Thank you so much for reading.

One of you asked me to share more about HSP (Highly Sensitive People).  I have been a HSP ever since I can remember!  I think it was beginning to show when I was in grade 2 in elementary school. A teacher of mine noticed that I wasn't as quick to catch on as the rest of the students in the class, so I was put into a class for slower learners.  While I will admit that yes, I do have a slower capacity for picking up some things, especially things with a lot of details, I am not sure I actually belonged in this class because there were students in the class who were slower than I was.  I am quite a deep thinker.  I like to take my time to absorb things, to analyze, to go over, basically, to look at all angles before I make a decision.  Perhaps the teacher didn't understand my personality/character, but whatever her reasoning, I was put into the special class in grade 2 and was in this class until grade 9 in high school!  Yes.  I want to share about HSP more in depth, and please know that this is my personal life experience, it doesn't necessarily speak for other HSPs;  however, some of it will, because HSPs have much of what I will describe in common.  

I am highly sensitive to the people and things around me, and although this can, and actually is, a very good quality, sometimes I tend to take things too personally, which is something I have been working on.  For example, sometimes somebody may be in a bad mood and snap at me...sometimes this can make me resort to tears.  I have to remember that it isn't about me, it is about them.  They may be having a bad day and I just happened to be there when they explode or whatever.  :)  I am also highly sensitive to light;  particularly bright lights, such as neon lights. They are the worst and sometimes give me a headache.

I don't like loud noises, crowds and as such, I have never liked parades, concerts or big parties.  It isn't that I am not a people person, quite the contrary. I love people it is just the noise from large groups of people that I don't like.  I love one on one interaction, and I love to go to friends' homes for meals and to spend time with them.  If things get rowdy or too loud, I will make my way out and graciously depart.  I love quiet time, in fact, I really need this on a daily basis, mostly in the evenings, as it gives me time to relax, to rejuvenate, to ponder, to pray, to just be!  

When I was a baby, my mother kept wondering why I didn't wake up for the usual two hour feedings that 'normal' babies do.  I slept through the night.  I was only 5.8 pounds when I was born, and I was born 3 weeks premature.  The doctors said that if I was half a pound less I would have been in an incubator.  My mother had already lost 5 children...four were miscarried and her fifth, a son, who was born about 6 years before I was born, sadly died at the tender age of 7 months (bronchial pneumonia).  So you can imagine why my mother was so worried about me not waking up for feedings during the night.  The doctor told her that as long as I ate, don't worry about me, and that my mother was lucky to not only have a child after having lost 5, and I was born just 2 months short of my mother's 41st birthday, but to have a baby who slept through the night!

I was made fun of in school a lot by the children in the regular classes.  I was often called "stupid," "retarded", and it really hurt and I often went home crying.  Having had this experience of being in a special class for slow learners gave me a great insight into what these children go through on a daily basis, and I am very sensitive and understanding, not to mention patient, with people who are autistic, retarded, dyslexic or any other mental illness or disability.  For this I am very grateful.  

Getting back to the HSP...I am very sensitive to others' moods and feelings, and I have a tremendous capacity to learn, to work and to live.  I am independent and punctual, a great worker, and where I have the issues is if an employer doesn't understand my personality type (some employers are not patient, understanding or people-oriented and sometimes they even yell at and belittle staff).  I must say that I have been blessed in about 90% of the jobs I have worked at.  The employers valued my honesty, my attention to detail, my sensitivity to the needs of others and the company and the quality of my work.  Basically, for myself, it isn't about the speed of the job, but how well done the job is.  That describes me in a nutshell.  I much prefer to take a few minutes longer to make sure that things are done properly than to speed up, make more mistakes resulting in perhaps having to do things all over again.  I know this is long, and I don't usually make long posts, but I hope that this will help you all to get to know me better and the way I think, who I am and what some of my life experiences are.  Thank you so much for listening.

The videos I have selected for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

Firefighters Had No Idea a Simple Act of Kindness would Lead to This!

Snorkeling Animal Handler Teaches Cute Penguin to Swim

Random Acts of Kindness from Police Officers

Maria - Pernell Roberts (for those of you who remember the classic TV show 'Bonanza', Pernell Roberts played the role of the oldest son, Adam Cartwright!) He also had a great talent for singing, as you will hear in this video.
They Call the Wind Maria - Pernell Roberts

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

The one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention. - Diane Sawyer

Don't be afraid to fail.  Be afraid not to try.

It is amazing the energy we spend holding on to our past fears in order to predict our future misery. We'd rather be afraid and in control than to dare fully enjoy the present moment.

One Canadian's brilliant response to a photo posted by a U.S. Republican.  :)

Sometimes it's life's storms that get us moving in the right direction.

One of the most loving things you can do for yourself...is try to find the humor in a tough situation.

Imagine if people put as much emphasis, desirability and effort into mental health as they did physical health.  Gym selfies would look like, "just worked through some baggage with my therapist!"

To get out of a downward spiral of negativity...practice gratitude.  Pay attention to what's going well.  Find one thing to be hopeful for.

Peace is my choice.

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

Seal of approval.  "Good job!"  :)

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. so glad you shared about yourself. you are awesome my friend, never change. I love you.

  2. It's strange how a teacher's perception of a child can shape their future in good or bad ways. Maybe this teacher just didn't "like" you or was running low on patience. It's really too bad and I wonder how many other children have experienced something similar. In any case, thanks for your story. I enjoy hearing from you! And remember you are loved and appreciated by all of us here. <3

  3. Hi Linda
    I visit almost daily your blog and I find it really great that you're telling more of you. One can get an idea of who is the man behind these lines, verses, poems, videos....
    I wish you a nice day.

  4. Hi Linda
    Mon anglais n'est pas extra. Depuis que je suis en France je ne le parle plus du tout (ou à de rares exceptions avec des touristes en montagne). Jene comprends pas toutes tes explications.
    Par contre je sais la gentille personne que tu es. Je vois la qualité de tes articles quotidien et j'imagine le temps que tu passes.
    Merci pour tout cela. Je t'apprécie même si mon Anglais laisse à désirer maintenant. Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une belle journée

  5. I am a person of few words too - ok, I would be able to carry on a conversation well but I do not talk all that much. On the other hand, I may get carried away in writing...so you may get to see some longer than necessary posts in my blog.

    But, no, I don't think I'm sensitive...in the sense that I would not get upset or annoyed over any little thing but yes, I am sensitive to others' feelings like when they're unhappy, stressed, depressed, worried, upset and so on and I would try to help if they will let me.

  6. Es una buena lección. Tampoco tenemos sustitutos para los sentimientos. Besicos.

  7. This post shows how wonderful person you are.
    A big hug

  8. I love this post! I too and an HSP. My whole life I wondered what was wrong with me. It wasn't just a few things that made me different but a whole long never ending list. Yes, bright lights, loud noises, rough clothing and textures and strong perfumes. I startle very easily. When I met my husband I made him promise to never sneak up behind me and scare me because my trust in him would be lost forever. Yes, startling me has that much of an affect. When someone does that it puts me on edge and I can't ever relax around them. People think it is funny because my reaction is so strong but it puts my nervous system into overdrive.
    As you know there are so many things about being HS. (In Elaine Aron's book I answered all but one of the questions in the affirmative.) I like being HS because I feel the good so deeply. But as you know, I battle depression so I feel the bad just as deeply. I can't watch the news or read the newspaper.
    I am still working my way through being HS. When I was in school I was also put in the classes for the slower kids. I had many great teachers and one not so great. I was beyond blessed to have a step-dad who nurtured my sensitivity. My mom did to but after my biological father left I was afraid of everything and I needed a man that was solid and gentle and kind. (I am getting teary just thinking about him.)
    Great post!

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Birdie. I have been easily startled all of my life. I jump at unexpected loud noises and so many other things. I thought I was the only one! LOL

  9. I am very sensitive too. I hate it. I try not to be so sensitive!

  10. I think you and I are a great deal alike. My whole childhood, my mother would always so "oh, you're too sensitive". I always thought something was wrong with me. And as a child, you so desperately want to fit in. As an adult, the tables have turned. I don't care if I don't "fit in". I'm different, and love that! I'm not one of the lemmings--ha ha.
    I also love one-on-one much more than group things. A good book or time in the garden is much better than a party or a parade.
    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. It's so nice to "find" kindred souls.
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself Linda. You are a very special lady and this is another wonderful post. I love coming here :)

  12. Thank you for your visit !
    Good day

  13. Thank you for sharing Linda. Children can be so cruel and as a child on the receiving end (I was bullied) it is very painful in every sense. Yet as I look back it helped to shape the person I am today. Our understanding and compassion from others grows from our own pain. A great post and I enjoyed listing to 'Adam' sing, I remember Bonanza very well.

  14. Thank you, Linda for sharing in depth about HSP. I am sorry that because of the teacher's lack of understanding for your personality, you were subjected to the class for slow learners. It must have been so tough for you to endure those years in the class. But in a way you get to feel more for these slow learners and how the society has been insensitive to them. I can see that you are very patient and considerate. I too have been quite sensitive in my younger days and easily burst into tears but now all these belonged to the past. By learning and trying to understand people have helped me a lot in this area. I agree with you that it is better to be thorough than making mistakes in the haste of trying to finish the work fast.

  15. Big hug, dear Linda !
    Good gag !

  16. Have a great day, Linda. You've made mine fuller.

  17. Good morning, dear Linda! I have always stated that you and I are alike in many ways. Although I have not been diagnosed as a HSP, I exhibit many of the same characteristics. I do not like large, noisy crowds and parties, preferring one on one encounters. I enjoy my alone time and the peace and quiet it affords. Peace and quiet allow me to think and I am frequently lost in deep thought. I have had employers criticize me for doing my job 'too well," too meticulously, because all that mattered to them was speed.

    There are some wonderful videos in this post. I was touched by the firefighters who have given a home and a family to a mentally challenged man for 50 years. The story of how Charlotte the penguin was taught to swim by her imaginative handler was also a great one. The compilation showing random acts of kindness by police officers carries a timely message. We need to stop hating each other and start reaching out to each other, helping and loving - just because. It was chilling to see the officer buying a cookie for a child and reading that he was killed in the line of duty a few minutes later. Let's stop the madness. We can do it and we must.

    Thank you, dear friend Linda!

  18. je te souhaite un bel après midi , ici le soleil est timide mais la température chaude , les nuages nous cachent le beau ciel bleu ....

    bisous et à demain

  19. Hi Linda, happy Tuesday... I hope that children today will not have these issues that you have had since we are hopefully more knowledgable of how people learn.

    (On a side note, I'm not sure what is wrong but when I leave a comment on your site it frezes over and over, I have to write my comment elsewhere, then copy and paste it or I'd not be able to leave one)

  20. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. I had no idea about HSP.

    Loved the gag.

    Oh those firefighters. That was awesome.

    The republican picture as you call it. That's in protest to the many that want to disarm the citizens and remove absolutely everything concerning religion. Well except for Islam. Weird things are happening here and many of us don't like it one bit. We are not safe in our own neighborhoods anymore. Gangs and thieves are everywhere it seems, and everyone seems so angry.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  21. The Meanwhile In Canada pic is quite fitting.

    Thank you for sharing that with us. When I was a child, I was slow in terms of fine motor coordination, so I was quite clumsy, and I didn't even speak before the age of four. The doctor who had me tested out told my parents that it was likely schools would want to put me in a slow learner program- and told them not to allow that.

  22. Thanks for telling about you :)

  23. du er en koselig person Linda ! :-)

  24. Thank you for sharing more about yourself with us. There are things that I can relate to. I don't think I'm highly sensitive, but somewhat sensitive to other people's mood. In the past, I often got influenced by those people, but I've worked on keeping myself and been doing better about it. I like to do my work by taking a bit longer to make sure things are done properly, too. Speed is important, but so is quality.

  25. I married a woman who resembles your descriptions. When we are in a crowd and I know that my wife is not comfortable I slowly feel her moving behind me. I love her and she is a wonderful shy person. People who know she is shy still marvel how when on a one on one that she is a lot of fun and can be their best friend. In a society where those who are pushing forward and shoving people to the back, I find being oneself in my own space is quite satisfactory. We are not in competition, we are existing with a quality control. Thanks for sharing.

  26. je te remercie pour l'ntéressant partage Linda...

    et je préfère "Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try."


  27. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I read your story with attention and understand it Linda.

  28. i think the important thing about humanity is the effort to try to empathise - i didn't have to go through the things you went to, but as i read what you wrote, i do feel what you're putting across, and i really admire how you've been open and honest about this, and i think you've provided insight and inspiration to others as well...

  29. it's nice to read your long post, I'm also sensitive so I could understand your concerns enjoy your Tuesday Linda

  30. Thank you for sharing more about yourself. I, too sometimes tend to take things too personally and let other people's moods affect me when I should just shake it off. But it is very difficult for me to do this. So I do understand how you feel.

  31. Wonderful words Linda..

  32. Thanks you for sharing more about yourself, Linda! I hope that teachers today are much more understanding. How painful that must have been for you, and you went through it so many years. Perhaps your sharing will lead to less pain for someone else.

    I read Birdie's comment on startling, and it was comforting because I am startled very easily and often feel very embarrassed at my jumps on being startled. It's nice just to know someone else does this.

    I'm home, for a little while and it feels wonderful! I'll be catching up on all that I missed on your inspiring blog. Hugs, my friend!

  33. Hi Linda, I'm back! I missed your blog...since I can't use someone else 's computer and my iPhone screen is so tiny.
    Sorry you had some unpleasant experiences while you were growing up...thanks for sharing the story with us and I feel like I got to know you better...I think you're wonderful and very caring person.

  34. Oh dear, what they did to children when we were young was horrific. Today in progressive schools all types of learners are valued. It's often the quiet ones, the introverts, that have the most profound ideas as they spend time pondering ideas deeply.

  35. It's hard to believe your mother lost so many children. My mother's childhood friend went through a similar thing. I'd never wish that on anyone. But like your mother, she had a daughter who grew up healthy and happy.

    Also that U.S. Republican is often called Holly Hobby Lobby as I forget what her real name was. She enjoyed her ten minutes of fame, but everything went sour when she got caught having an affair. Especially after talking about how much she loved her husband who is or was in the military. Doesn't surprise me to see her be hypocritical.

    The right-wingers like her certainly leave other Christians with a bad reputation.

  36. thank you for sharing so personal things, linda!

  37. Bonjour Linda, tu es une très belle personne qu'on apprécie tous!!! De gros bisous et bonne soirée tout en douceur!

  38. Thanks so much for sharing! That last paragraph definitely describes me (except for the punctual part ha!) I happen to be extroverted, so I like parties and groups of people, and even loud music (at times). But sometimes it can be too much and I need to retreat a little. I'm a weird combo extrovert/introvert. I'm just discovering this about myself and I'm trying to learn how to deal with the negative parts of this (like taking mean or rude comments personally).

  39. Thanks for sharing, Linda

  40. I hope your will feel better. You are so brave to share this. Be strong and never give up.

  41. Thanks Linda for sharing this. I did not know about HSP till you mention it. Sound like me

  42. It's easy to see from all the comments that your sharing has touched a lot of hearts. Bless you, my friend.

  43. Dear Linda, Respect! ♥

  44. Hola querida amiga, a mi no me gusta el ruido, ni las aglomeraciones, amo la paz, la naturaleza y la buenas personas. El pots es precioso y demuestra que eres una persona maravillosa. Muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotr@s. Un enorme abrazo y se inmensamente feliz.

  45. I found it difficult to interact with people when I was young. I felt that I just did not fit in. I was shy. Now things are better. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Thank you for sharing :) I've been criticized by my family for my sensitivity and find myself battling the childhood messages that I'm "weak" because of it, thankfully I've found a husband that understands and has no qualms about making quick exits when I get overstimulated or upset even by things some would consider harmless. You're not alone, and I'm to have found your blog!

  47. thanks for your sharing ! I really like your blog - and that video by Pernell Roberts was so nice.


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