Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Magic and More About Myself

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! 
In my last post I mentioned that I got a migraine headache after I ate Kraft peanut butter.  I do not have an allergy to peanuts...thankfully.  I like Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds and regular peanuts.

As far as my formal education goes, I graduated high school in 1973 and began working practically straight out of high school.  I was one of the best in my typing class, as in my last year of high school I was typing 60 words per minute.  After the IBM typewriters came out, with the ball or element, as opposed to the keys that would stick together, I was able to type even faster.  Now with a computer I can type about 80-90 words per minute.  I am very fast and do not look at the keys when I type.  I think there is sometimes a stigma about people who for one reason or another didn't graduate high school or who, like in my case, DID graduate high school and receive a diploma.  I need to point out that my father was placed in a military hospital when I was in my teens, and my mother was unable to work at the time I graduated high school due to her health issues.  So there was just no money for me to go to college!  But I made the best of it, like I always try to do, and I spell even better than some people who did go to college, as even though I had no formal education beyond high school, I am an avid learner and have a good attitude so I did just fine!  :)  

There is a quotation which I always try to live by, and which I really like!  It goes something like this: never look down on anyone unless it is to pick the person up.  And I think this is good to remember and implement in life.  We just never know what can happen.  People who have a lot of wealth with a big house and more than one car can some day lose it all!  So it is good to appreciate what we have.  
That is enough for this post.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  :)

The videos I have selected for this post are:

Injured Baby Goat Lives with Family and gets Loved on by Their Dogs and Cats

Siamese Kittens Love Bathtime

Somebody Took My Teeth on Christmas Evening - Ray Campi  :)

Victor Borge and Robert Merrill - Autumn Leaves :)

An Elderly Couple took the Same Photo Every Season
(stick with this until the end...very touching)

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

There will be people in life who will judge you and won't believe in you...just don't be one of them.

Ho Ho Ho!  Laughter makes the soul sparkle.

You learn something every day if you pay attention.

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.  So is a stressed mind...if you let it be, while observing it gently, and without judgment, it will settle down.

Stop and take a moment to admire all the beautiful things you take for granted every day.

Make today count, because you do!

Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are.

Learn how to:  have fun without alcohol.  Take without cellphones.  Love without conditions.  Dream without drugs.  Smile without selfies.

If you carry the bricks from your last relationship, you'll end up building the same house.

If you feel you grew up in a toxic family, make it your legacy to break the family legacy.  Your new motto: the pain stops here!

Do it now.  Sometimes later becomes never.

True health infuses positive energy in the mind, body and spirit;  it is a main focus in my life. - Maximillian Degenerez

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. Loved the falling leaves. That determined little baby goat and his adopted family - how sweet. I won't try the bathtime with my Pepper. I think you have to start them young. I'd probably lose an arm.

    Good work! Loved it.

  2. there is so much in your post Linda !
    i loved watching the last photo, it is painful how life can take us from our loving family
    je te souhaite un bon Noel que l'esprit de la bonté, de la joie et de la fraternité soit dans ton coeur !
    je me rappelle que je faisais tant de bruit avec mon ancienne machine a ecrire que dans le bureau, dès qu'il y a eu les ordinateurs, on m'a vite achete un car c'etait bien plus silencieux!!bisous, Angie

  3. Amazing that you can type that fast Linda, I do it with two fingers .... haha! Siamese Kittens, is sweet to see. I wish you a good new weeek.

  4. Lovely post.. I hope you have a happy holidays in the best of the companies .. And I wish you a prosperous 2017 .. A hug and Merry Christmas..

  5. Wow this is yet another awesome posting Linda I did love the Video of Nippi it is so heartwarming to know that there are still people out there who care for the less fortunate. I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and New Year I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2017.
    lorraine x

  6. Hello Linda,
    I’m going to print that quote and read it whenever I need a reminder. I do hope I don’t look down on anyone (I certainly try not to), but we all need reminding from time to time. I left school at 15 with my math's teachers ears ringing in my words – something along the lines of – find yourself a husband because you won’t amount to anything on your own. I’m happy to say I proved him wrong, but I was almost fifty, by the time I became a fully qualified accountant (first sitting GSCE’s and A levels). I studied at night school while holding down a full-time job. I keep the certificates on my office wall just to remind me, that although I’m dyslexic, I do have a brain. Dyslexia was not recognised when I went to school and anyone who struggled was automatically labelled stupid. Thank goodness times have changed. Gosh, I appear to be telling you my life story in small parts, sorry about that! Now to enjoy all your clips and videos.
    I might not be around very much of the next two weeks but I will try to call in from time to time. Happy Holidays.

  7. Did you spot the deliberate mistake? I left school at 15 with my math's teacher’s ears ringing in my words. How funny! I always type my comments in word and then cut and paste them onto your blog – it was only when I came back to word that I noticed exactly what I had typed.

  8. it is good to appreciate what we have. ...

    un bon conseil Linda


  9. A TON of great stuff today, Linda.

    I started college, but dropped out (LOVE) Never regretted it.
    I've been "just" a housewife my whole life and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life. I think attitude is everything to being a success.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda

  10. Hello, you are fast at typing. Great quote and so true. I love the cute baby goat video. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  11. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to University. I don't believe that makes me better than others. Judging others and making assumption based on thier level of education is short sighted and dangerous. What matters is what we do with the gifts we have.

  12. Hi Linda! Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I like very much the philosophy by which you strive to live. If only more people had that philosophy. And I thank you for Victor Borge...what a great entertainer he was! And thanks also for your many nice comments...they mean so much!

  13. Linda the quotes today were amazing, wherever do you find them. They have certainly given me a lot to think about. Take care.

  14. Thank you for sharing more about yourself. I'm sorry your parents faced health challenges. It sounds like you've had an interesting life. Have a good week and Happy Christmas!

  15. Moi (= Hi) Linda
    Laughter makes the soul sparkle !!!
    This is absolutely true, and it will also extend the age
    Merry Christmas, and did you know Santa Claus lives in the here, in Finland, and his home too

  16. Love these sweet sharing, Linda! Have a wonderful week, dear! xoxo

  17. You have such a good outlook on life, Linda. Your heartfelt words were every bit as uplifting as the quotations you shared from other sources.

  18. Hello again, Linda

    Am glad you are better now. Glad you don't have allergy to peanuts.

    College / University is just a piece of paper. Ones need to be street wise to live in this world

  19. People should look down on others. Ever. But by the grace of God go I has been my mantra. My parents didn't even get out of grade school. My mom quit in the 6th grade and I think my dad did in the eighth grade. Neither one of them ever saw a high school. My dad was excellent at math too. It never stopped them from succeeding.

    Love the first two videos the very best. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥

  20. Bricks from a Words of wisdom.

  21. I like your quotation "never look down on a person unless it is to pick them up." Wise words to live by!

  22. Hello, loved all of your pretty posts and videos on this post! Have a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

  23. Liked the teeth video. Although a novelty record it might have some truth in it as well from a time when false teeth were a prized asset and worth stealing if you didn't have any. Nice sentiments in the post I've been thinking about myself recently on trips into the city. (typed with one finger... sadly :o)

  24. Oh, how much I love your videos today, Linda, dear, you always fill my heart with sweetness and gladness, blessed be !

    Hope your week is off to a great start I'm sending blessings on your coming days, we'll meet again before than Christmas arrives :) !

    Xx Dany

  25. Hello. You write really fast. My ten-finger system is one of the write and the other is resting.

  26. Hola Linda, como siempre estupenda selección, muchas gracias. Feliz navidad querida amiga, un abrazo.

  27. Good Monday morning, my dear friend! I often think about all the people who would have loved to go to university, but, because of family circumstances, were unable to. It's very sad; but it's also inspiring to see how they go on and make lemonade out of lemons. True learners, like you, never stop learning, no matter what their circumstances. I've met well-educated people who didn't go to university, but kept on learning on their own. And I've met some university graduates who leave me shaking my head because they know so little.

    I enjoyed each of your videos ~ The kitties being bathed was fascinating. We had lots of kitties being born while we were growing up. I don't remember my mother bathing them. I guess she left that to Mama Cat. Victor Borge is so funny! I got a kick out of him playing a piano like a secretary and this video with the falling leaves. Inspiring quotes too, all tied up in the bow of that wonderful Raphael Vavasseur art! The quote "Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never" is my mantra these days! It takes on much more meaning as we get older.

    Have a lovely day, my cherished Montreal friend!

  28. Dear Linda it is always wonderful when you share about your life. It must have been so difficult for your family with your dad being ill and your mom's health. Obviously sweet friend you didn't let these challenges keep you from enjoying having a career. Your great posts always inspire me. I know my life is so much richer because of your encouraging words and all the uplifting videos. The injured baby goat was just :an example of all the great research you do in sharing. I hope dear one you will have the best Christmas ever. God bless you. Hugs!

  29. “Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.”
    ― Jesse Jackson
    Truly beautiful words to live by!

  30. Bonne journée ma belle Linda! Bisou!

  31. So many great quotes today and I agree, cashews are scrumptious! Happy Monday friend!

  32. 'An Elderly Couple'..., very touching, Linda...

  33. Wow this is scary! You and I are born a week to the day apart and I graduated in 1973 too!!!!! (High School). Almost twins!!! I was AWFUL in High School typing class though, hated my teacher. type like lightning! catchatwithcarenandcody

  34. Hello Linda, I really loved your videos about Nippa the goat and the Elderly Couple, plus all those beaut quotes.
    I like your views on formal education (or lack of it). You've made your blogspot a very special place to visit :D)

  35. I think your way of looking at things is very wise.

  36. Indeed, make every day count. Each day is the only one we've got, we'll never get it back again. Make the most of it.

  37. Hi Linda!! Great to know you more! Very wise words my friend! I have never "judged" anyone on anything! Money, car, education, etc. That doesn't mean anything to me! It's your soul that counts! I'm sorry about the headache! I know when I have been off of certain types of food for awhile and then might have something for a treat, I get a headache. I think for me, it's my way of my body saying, you are better without it! LOL!
    I love your post! Your videos with the goat, cats and the older couple really touched my soul! Big Hugs and Thanks for being you! I love this quote,If you carry the bricks from your last relationship, you'll end up building the same house.

  38. Happy Monday Linda... I too believe that we should not judge each other... we should help others xox... I think it is awesome that you can type 80-90 wpm... I too can type without looking as I learned way back when in school... but I have short fingers I don't type nearly as fast ... I am grateful that I have that ability as it has helped me to get many jobs. (I too never went to college but I did pretty well for myself xox )

  39. a very interesting post! Lots of good things you have shared. enjoy the week and Merry Christmas to you!

  40. I love your life story, Linda!
    '...remember how blessed you are' is so true!
    Today, I keep the quote in my mind :)


  41. Bonjour Linda,
    Merci pour tout. Oui tu peux être fière de toi car tu as su faire de ton mieux. Je pense exactement comme toi, une grande maison une belle voiture et tout peut partir très vite. Il faut savoir apprécier ce que nous avons. J'ai regardé tous tes posts et celui du couple photographié devant leur maison à chaque saison m'a ému. Je te souhaite une belle journée et je t'embrasse bien fort. Avec toute mon amitié

  42. I love all the types of nuts you mentioned. Its amazing that you can type so fast! I agree with the quotation about not looking down on others and to appreciate what we have and not to taken things for granted. Due to insufficient funds, I too didn't have the chance to attend college.

  43. I can touch type too Linda! I agree with you, a college education is certainly not everything. An inquisitive mind and willingness to learn is far more important. These days, with so much access to information you can learn just about anything you want to. I have some very successful chef friends who couldn't afford culinary school and so attending "the culinary school of You Tube" - hee hee!

  44. Lovely quotes, and very warm and wise words from you, Linda. The world needs more love and understanding!

  45. I normally have a fistful of nuts, mostly cashew and walnuts for a mid morning snack as well as whenever I feel like a small snack. I love to have roasted or steamed peanuts as well. I also have dates and other dry fruits whenever the children remember to get them for stock. They don't last very long though as all three of us like to have them.

    I like yout quote.

  46. You are so right, you should never look down on people.
    Have a good day

  47. I love any kinds of nuts. Cashews are my favorite!
    We certainy can't judge people based on education. It's not all about titles, labels, etc., just like wealth can't be determined only by money.
    Love the kitten bathtime video! So adorable :-)

  48. I totally agree with you, Linda...we should all appreciate what we have!
    Well, it is easy for me to remember my visits to your beautiful blog never fail to point me in the right direction.:)

    Gosh, I really admire typing is so slow, and I have to constantly look at the keypad as I type...:/
    Still, I do get there in the end! lol

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  49. It is uncanny how much we are alike. I too graduated high school and went to work for the State of California. I really enjoyed all your videos. Great quotes and art work. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  50. Hei Linda Olet tosi nopea kirjoittaja.Sinä olet erittäin lämmin ihminen jaat viisaita sanoja kaikille kiitos.Rauhallista Joulua

  51. Hello Linda!

    What an entertaining blog entry, those videos are so heartwarming. The little goat...Oh he is so sweet with his animal and human family! The kitties...That is so amazing, so adorable, they just lay there so trusting much like a human baby! Very sweet. The teeth, oh my. That is a hoot! The couple. Oh, that one is sobering.

    I so agree with you Linda on college, I did not attend college either, life was not an easy one for this 18 year old at the time. I always wanted to be a mom and wife and so that was my career, and it is still rewarding. : ) I always try to learn in some way and use my natural gifts. It is very hard to hold my tongue at times when I know in my heart what I was capable of in the world's eyes and their importance they place on the 'college experience' and a title. In our home, the college decision is a common sense one. We feel if our daughters feel led after a time to become something that would require college then they can go but no rush! Our youngest in her 20s is just now attending a local college for basics since she may want to be an art therapist one day. Our second born attended the same local college for court reporting but had back problems due to an accident and sitting for long periods during court reporting, and is taking an extended break but has since had two very nice and much desired jobs in the political realm. Our oldest has her Realtor license and our third born is a stay at home wife and loves that. My husband attended college but I do his typing and spelling! (not to mention basic writing diplomacy skills!) lol Our daughters pay their own college working part-time since my husband is self employed with no perks. I dislike very much hearing college as a given. I've seen so many young people forced into college at 18 and they don't have a clue as to what their interests are. How about our wonderful farmers? Oh I could write a blog on this! : ) My sweet father inlaw graduated 7th grade and was very successful. Rush Limbaugh doesn't have a degree and I think that is great, I like Rushbo most of the time. : )

    I too type pretty well, but you are a fast one! The last test I took I was 70 words (years ago). Once my teacher required me go to competition and it made me so very nervous I put my fingers on the wrong keys! She never asked again! : )

    Your quotes you share are excellent, I think the one on the sand settling is very helpful. And the fun without alcohol and visiting without a cellphone..That is great. ..And yes, smile without selfies! : )

    I must go ahead and add that I really love the blue modern vintage cat print. That would make an awesome fabric.

    I know this is long but there was a lot of commonality here I wanted to comment on. This was an interesting blog Linda! ...And in my opinion because of the hardships many of us have gone through it makes us have an understanding of others many times. It's a Gift.

    Bless you Linda!

    1. Hi dear Amelia, thank you so much for your comment, and I do not mind at all that it is long! :)

  52. Interesting post! Kisses:)


  53. Hello Linda, another excellent selection, thank you.

    It was very touching to see the video with the elderly couple.
    I think this quote is most apt for this time of year "Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are."

    Hope your week has started well, take care

    All the best Jan

  54. there was probably something in that peanut butter
    like a salt that triggered your migraine.

  55. I use to get migraines too and have to be so careful about food allergies. I don't eat out much. I too loved typing and shorthand in school. I'm with Santa; laughter makes the soul sparkle!

  56. A beautiful post Linda! I enjoyed the videos and quotes!!!! Happy Holidays!!! Until next year with more amazing videos and quotes!!!!! ❤️

  57. Glad to hear that you're not allergic, especially as you do like to eat nuts so much! And even though you didn't make it to college, it seems like things worked out regardless anyway! That's what is most important :3

  58. I so believe in what you believe -- do not put down or look down on anyone as you don't know what is in store for your fate. So, very true. I loved that goat-video. The videos and quotes were as usual good but my favorite was the goat one.

  59. Dear Linda! I passed by in haste to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I will read this review calmly next week.

  60. Dear Linda, always a blessing to visit your blog. I wish you and yours a very joyous and blessed Christmas.

  61. Bonjour Linda. Eh oui ici c'est 8:14 Je suis matinale, même les jours fériés...hahaha.
    Linda, j'ai adoré ton poste cela dit, il ne faut pas te justifier de quoi que ce soit. Tu dois être fière de TOI et de tout ce que tu as accompli. Il n'y a pas de grandes ou de petites choses. Il y a juste ce qu'on fait avec ce qu'on a. Et tu as tiré le meilleur parti de ce que tu avais. Prestigieuse études ou Université ne définit pas la qualité d'une personne.
    Voici une de mes citations préférées (que j'ai lu ici dans ton blog) “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

  62. I love what you said, Linda. "..never look down on anyone unless it is to pick the person up"

    They may also be the very ones whom you can depend on for help when you need it most.


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