Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Mix and Sharing About Myself

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! 
I had a work accident 10 years ago.  I was cleaning the top of a fridge and standing on a two step ladder. I lost my balance and fell when I was getting off the ladder and, as a result, broke my right wrist in two places.  I was 50 years old and up until then had never broken any bones in my life...until that day.  I was devastated.  When I got to the clinic and they did an X-Ray, they discovered that I had broken my wrist in two places, so they sent me to the hospital. The doctor had to break my wrist again in order to align it, as it was pretty messed up.  He told me that if he did not align it would not heal properly.  Then a split was put on my arm until they were able to perform surgery on my wrist and put a cast on it. So a week later they did indeed operate and put a cast on my right arm, with a few pins beneath the cast to keep the wrist in the right place.  After 3 months my cast was removed, but I had already begun occupational therapy and continued this for 8 months in total.  So when I was finally able to return to work, I began to realize that my work performance suffered because I only had about 60% strength in the wrist that I had fractured, and not only that, but I have osteoarthritis, which also makes healing more difficult, as my fingers are already somewhat damaged from the arthritis.  This means that I cannot fully close my hands, and not as tightly, as the average person.  Anyway, after the accident and after also having had a severe attack of gout shortly after the surgery on my wrist (doctors said this gout attack was most likely caused from all the stress I had from the surgery), I am considered disabled. Yes, I can still do my housework but it takes me longer.  Thankfully I do it very well, and as well as I used to, just at a slower pace.  And to this day, 10 years later, if you look at both my wrists, you can see that my right wrist bone is swollen.  The doctor says it will be like this for the rest of my life.  So I cannot be on a computer all day (because it requires a lot of repetitive moments, which makes my wrist swell even more), and I just don't have the same strength that I used to.  After all this I fell into a depression, but thankfully I have learned to accept that I have a minor disability and I can cope with it.  It took me a while, though.  That is enough for this post, and thank you so much for listening.  :)

The videos I have selected for this post are:

An Act of Kindness Goes Viral

Mom to the Rescue!  Too Cute!

Candid Camera - Dirty Clean Words (all the words are clean).  LOL!  :)

Perfidia - Glenn Miller

Ridiculously Cute Rescued Lambs Living Happy and Free

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

5 Canadian Challenges:  
1. Feeling the need to apologize when other people bump into you. :)
2. Trying to text with gloves on. :)
3. Waiting forever for geese to waddle slowly across the street. :)
4. Spellcheck changing all your 'ou' words to 'o' because neighbours can't spell. :)
5. "This video is not available in your country."  :)

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.  If you don't ask, the answer is always no.  If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. - Nora Roberts

You got this.  You are amazing and strong.

Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best.  Keep moving forward.  Be patient.

Never use food as a drug.  But feel free to use exercise as an anti-depressant.

Karma is a boomerang.  What goes around comes around.  Speak loving words.  Do loving deeds.

If you ever must decide between winning a fight or being happy, always choose happiness, because being happy automatically makes you a winner.

Breathing in, I calm my body.  Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment. - Thich Nhat Hanh

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.

If your foot slips, you can always recover your balance.  But when your tongue slips, you can never recover your own words.

If someone has offended you, insulted you or disappointed you, let it go!  If you are remembering all the ways you have been hurt or forgotten, let it go!  Ask yourself, what good does it do for me to hold on to this? - Iyanla Vanzant

Kids don't remember their best day of television.

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. - Louisa May Alcott

Hard words can not touch a soft heart, but soft words can touch a hard heart.

There are 4 very important words in life:  love, honesty, truth, respect.  Without these in your life, you have nothing.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. Thank you for sharing more about your life here. I'm sorry about your wrist and osteoarthritis and all of the complications. You do your best to stay positive, take each day as it comes and enjoy life, and I am happy to know you.

  2. Qualche volta basta un piccolo e banale incidente per condizionare la nostra vita, importante è riuscire a superarlo. Buona settimana

  3. I'm so sad to read about you accident!

    I wish you a nice day, Linda!

  4. Love Glen Miller but with our WIFI speeds obviously I cannot play it. I had to laugh at the spelling, I use Eng spelling or I would spend my life changing everything that was in American!
    I broke my left wrist when I was 16, it has set in a very odd shape, but although the wrist is not that strong my hand is just fine. Sorry that you have a hand problem. Yes my wrist also does not like long hours on the computer but it gets used far more than it likes :-) Have a great day Diane

  5. Ouch Linda that all sounds so painful, I really feel for you. I’ve had three broken ribs after three different silly accidents – falling on a rock, tripping over a dog that kind of thing. I have osteoporosis so any trip or fall is likely to result in broken bones, but so far I’ve not landed on either of my wrists, thank goodness.
    Now to look at all the goodies on your blog.
    Have a lovely day, hugs Barbara.

  6. PS love the little kittens and the candid camera video.

  7. Fortunately, you can pretty good with that handicap deal Linda. Candid Camera, is always nice to see. I wish you a fine Monday.

  8. Lots of good stuff today, Linda. Weren't those kittens adorable on Mom to the Rescue?
    Have a good week

  9. Yes, the old folks used to advise: once the words have left the mouth, you can never put them back in again so be careful when we speak.

  10. Hello Linda, thanks for sharing your story. I can understand how it takes time to accept that life as you knew it had changed. It must have taken a lot of patience living with the cast on for that long and the ensuing limitations you had to learn to live with. Having a fall is a shock in itself isn't it. Good for you for getting on with things and learning new ways to cope. You've been the source of inspiration in this post Linda :D)
    Thanks as always for the lovely videos and quotations. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Hi Linda, I have really enjoyed watching the videos especially, Glenn Miller and the Lambs, they don't make music like that anymore, I could have listened to it time after time. Wonderful selection of quotes, have a lovely day
    lorraine x

  12. Hello, Linda! I love the sweet lambs. Adorable video. I am sorry about your fall and broken wrist bone, it is awful you still feel pain and swelling. Wonderful quotes and images. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  13. Goodness me Linda....You certainly have been
    through the wars...!
    I've suffered from Anxiety/Stress all my life,
    like you, l have learned to live with it. What
    One doctor l used to see, used to say.."Willie,
    l'll get you down off that ceiling". In reply..
    l used to say.."Don't bother, come up and join
    me". He became a good friend to! :).

    I come and visit a few times during the day, as
    l'm very much a 'sayings' person, and l love the
    pussy~cat videos...Thankyou!
    'Onwards and Upwards'...!

  14. such wisdom in four simple words! So agree!

  15. Ouch, I'm feeling the pain too, dear! With the Chinese New Year just next week, I'm also climbing up & down doing spring cleaning. Now I'm scared after reading your post. Thanks for sharing, Linda! Hope life's not too hard on you. xoxo

  16. Good Morning, dear Linda~ I appreciated reading a little bit about you and your health matters, thank you for sharing.
    I am always blessed when I visit with you. I will be back to watch the videos later today when time allows, they ALL look great.
    You may struggle with health issues and depression, but in those struggles you are being used of the Lord to reach and touch many lives, mine for sure.
    I have enjoyed following along with you, sweet lady.

    God bless you♡

  17. Love that one about children not remembering their "best day of TV"! So true. I remember lots of happy times as a kid and we didn't have a TV. Actually, it was a time when TV was just becoming affordable.

    Thanks for Glenn Miller and sharing your story. I broke my right wrist when a teenager and it's never been the same. It was not as serious a break as yours, but I still, at my advanced age, can't write very well. I tried writing with my right hand but people break up laughing so that doesn't work! :) I think you've come a long way and are doing well. Remember you are an awesome person!

  18. Hi Linda, so sorry about your swollen wrist due to the fall and surgery 10 years ago. It must have been hard on you. But we can still be thankful that even though you cannot regain back 100 % use of your hand, you are still able to use it but at a slower pace. And you have been doing it very well because of your great perseverance. Take care, dear.

  19. Happy Monday Linda... it's awful to get hurt... I was worried about this when I was commuting with winter weather coming up... it's such a blessing for me to work from home now ♡

    I love that meme about Meanwhile in Canada... so true xox

  20. So sorry to hear about your wrist and your disability I know how hard it can be to come to terms with it as my husband took a little while to adjust to things he cannot do. We try to focus on things that he can do, which has helped. Take care of yourself.

  21. I like the Nora Roberts quote. It reminds me of the Bible verses that say "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

    I also like the one about one of the best lessons in life being how to remain calm. Most things really aren't worth getting upset over. When I'm tempted to get upset, I try to remember this and not give the thing trying to upset me the importance it craves. I have so much to be happy about.

    Thanks for sharing about your injury with us. That must have been terrible to have both your wrists broken in one day. Glad to hear you've mostly healed...and I hope things improve.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story, Linda. I'm sorry this happened to you. Here's to hoping that writing about your injury and recovery will be an inspiration to just the right people.
    Love this wonderful post. I enjoyed everything (as usual). Happy that you are able to blog on Monday. A good dose of Linda is the only way to start the week!
    Thank you, my friend!

  23. You've certainly had your share of difficulties, Linda. Yet you seem to be a very positive person. That speaks well of you. I enjoyed the Candid Camera video, as usual. Loved the five Canadian Challenges, especially the one about spellcheck. I also liked the "Kids don't remember their best day of television" quote.

  24. Oh my God, Linda. What a mishap! So, that's what caused your depression? Linda, I am a big zero at medical things...But, I strongly believe one has to accept the things you cannot change - must let go and move on. You will end up feeling better. Focus on the whole "picture".  Have a great week :)

  25. Bonjour Linda,
    Oui, un accident c'est toujours idiot et parfois on en garde les traces toute une vie. Je compatis !
    Merci pour tes posts tous charmants. Bon lundi et bon début de semaine. Bises de Haute Provence

  26. I knew most of this about your accident, but not all the healing and therapy. It's a shame that happened to you, but you've adapted well.

    I linked you to Awww Mondays because of the kitten and the lamb videos. So adorable.

    Have a fabulous day Linda. ♥♥♥

  27. Good Monday morning Linda. So sorry to hear that your wrist gives you trouble. Great videos and quotes. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Hi. Cats are so cute. Greetings.

  29. I broke my left wrist. It was a clean break, so he just set it the way it was, and now it is crooked. Oh well, left hand and have as much strength in it as I did before (Thank God!). I love all your sayings!

  30. Loved the videos, hope you are doing o.k. I can feel for you,10 years ago I fell and broke both my feet,had to learn to walk all over,can't even imagine your wrist and it not healing right,go slow you have a neat blog

  31. Happy Monday, dear Linda!!! I enjoyed sitting here, drinking my morning coffee, and watching your selection of videos. I know your posts take a lot of time to put together, and I appreciate it. Glenn Miller was a favorite of my father, and his music was woven into my childhood. Our world would be a much better place if more people practiced random acts of kindness. This video reaffirms my belief that the world is filled with a lot of wonderful people. And of course, the animal videos were so darn cute and the Candid camera video had me laughing.

    Your quotes always give me things to think about. Karen Salmansohn's quote really spoke to me today. I always struggle with asking something of others, so I've had a lot of "Nos" because I didn't ask.

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I'm sorry to hear that you have osteoarthritis I'm inspired by how much you do with your blog and visiting bloggers when your wrist must bother you.

    I smiled when I read about your housekeeping. I'l bet your place sparkles! And never forget that slow and steady wins the race. I find disorderly and unclean spaces distressing and depressing. So housework is high on my list, and it is often calming.

    Have a great week, Linda! Sending you lots of love and hugs!

  32. Over Christmas my daughter fell and knocked her shoulder from its socket, tore off the tendons at her elbow and shattered the ends of both bones in her wrist. She will be a long time recovering, and she says physical therapy is the worst. She was fifty last year.

  33. Arthritis is quite something to live with. My mother had it for many years.

    I got a laugh out of those Canadian items, particularly the spell check!

  34. Those little lambs were adorable!

  35. I'm sorry to read about your wrist. It's beyond my imagination how devastating it was.. I once got into an accident (car behind me hit my car), which sprained my wrists. Fortunately, nothing was broken, but I couldn't carry anything heavy for about half a year. Glad you got to be able to manage it.

  36. What goes around comes around,
    I guess this is so true.
    Have a lovely week

  37. Linda, I feel your pain! I broke my ankle once but it was a simple current issues. However, I do have a permanently bruised/arthritic coccyx that is a daily problem. Gout is my nemesis as well...big toe left foot. I've had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists at least partially due to computer usage. Getting older can be a 'pain' but at least I'm still looking at the right side of the grass every day.

    Can't miss with kittens and baby goats...or Glenn Miller and the Big Band Sound for that matter.

    Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  38. that little video about the young boy working with the checker was adorable!

  39. With all the misery and pain, Linda, you are still so nice. It's lovely to have you as a dear far-away-friend !

  40. So sweet, the white baby-cats and lambs, dearest Linda!
    Your problems with the broken wrist don't sound nice - but I think a lot of people have some physical limitations. I myself have a lipoedema in both legs and my left upper arm I broke 40 years ago - when I bump or someone touches me sore, it hurts me very much, because at this point a nerve is "offended" ... That's life...
    Sending lots of hugs to you,

  41. un accident pénible, dommage..

    meanwhile in Canada, a ma préférence...


  42. Dearest Linda - in reading about your wrist I so sympathize. Like you I broke mine but yours sounds much worse. In the first place mine was not my right (which is dominant for me) and even though mine was broken later to set it correctly didn't have to have screws. What I read hear though friend is that you found the positive side of the situation - You have overcome and now share such positive and good things here on your blog. Bless you for always being such an inspiration and not focusing on the negative but all the wonderful blessings. Great post Linda as always. Sending you many hugs. P.S. The "Meanwhile in Canada" continues to make me smile. :)!

  43. Ouch! Broken wrist in two places...oh my! Glad that you can at least blog; we all enjoy your outlook!

  44. I was teaching some students about life skills and shared with them that running into unchartered territories is normal in life. Many things we experience can make us vey sad and disappointed. I tend to get depressed when things are going too well and then I remember that memories are hanging on too much. You have adapted to a bad situation with your wrist and I am glad that you can still work through it. Your ability to share it helps others to evaluate things in their own lives.

  45. Bonjour Linda, pour moi c'est mon épaule droite et je suis restée avec beaucoup de séquelles, il y a tellement de choses que je ne peux plus faire... mais bon il faut l'accepter et vivre avec, on connait nos limites... même si c'est bien plate... Bise, bonne soirée dans la joie et la tendresse!

  46. Hello Linda, Oh my. You have been through it with your wrist. That is awful and I can only imagine the traumatic experience this all was! The longer I live the longer I hear fellow humans sharing these things. It's hard isn't it? My arm at present is bothering me just a wee bit for a season but nothing at all like what you have gone through. Nothing at all. It is an awful feeling not feeling like you can lift your coffee pot etc. right? I had a back accident and it really put me through a loop, through time and herbal treatments etc. it's become better but it's not the same. I had something very traumatic once with my first delivery and then a health crisis and it's horrible. Just dealing with docs or nurses that many times have cruel bedside manner is enough to cause much anxiety. I'm so sorry you have the constant reminders of swelling and weakness. I hope time will heal your wrist gradually. I know when we fall it hurts our feelings as much as our bodies right? We feel so helpless. I can sure understand anxiety. It's disabling at times. I hear your heart.

    Great videos Linda. I also wanted to share I really enjoyed that video on the restaurant owners who cook for the homeless. That is so great. All of these are great today. Those little lambs...Awww... So cute! Glenn Miller, his music is so precise, I just love it. Isn't it sad what happened to him?

    Quotes are all great. The one of the children in nature is so true. It's also true that it's more important to be happy then fight about our rights many times or anything we feel might drain us. And yes, what comes around goes around. Now we see it in middle age more than ever right?

    Great blog Linda. I enjoyed it! I'll pray for your wrist for complete feel better.

    You take care now Linda, you are kind to others, what good medicine that must be. : )

    Blessings to you!

  47. I am so sorry about your challenges and the accident and all. I agree you have a beautiful attitude. catchatwithcarenandcody

  48. Take care and have a great week!

  49. Wonderful videos Linda and as always I can relate to the quotes!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through all this pain Linda....I love that you share all this with us...I think it's therapeutic...and healthy.

  50. I am so sorry that you have had so many hard moments in your life. A big hug

  51. How terrible about the accident, but your attitude is fantastic!

  52. Remarkable that despite that handicap you post such detailed blog posts. All the best.

  53. I'm so sorry about the accident.
    I imagined your pain.
    Your selections are always warm, and I love seeing them.
    Thank your so much, Linda!!


  54. Oi Linda olen kovin pahollani että noin ikävästi on teille käynyt Paljon kipua ja tuska on tapahtunut Iso hali Linda :)

  55. Thanks, dear Linda, for all of your fine comments on my blogs. You are much appreciated!!!

  56. Algo similar a tus dolencias le ocurre a un familiar pero a el aun no le incapacitaron y eso que trabaja en la construcción. El los días malos siempre esta de broma, así que sabemos el día que tiene. Bueno entre nosotros estamos todos días así que su hermana nos pregunta que si nos llevamos bien todo el día metiéndonos el uno con el otro.


  57. You have been through so much in life, Linda. God bless you for never giving up and for encouraging others with your warm words, for sharing funny videos to make us smile and motivational quotes to remind us to be strong even in your most difficult moments. Big hug!

  58. Un petit bonjour en ce mardi pour venir te souhaiter une bonne journée. je t'embrasse

  59. The cat's Mom rescue video is a delight.

  60. I'm so sorry about the accident. Greetings!:)


  61. Peace and long life be yours Linda. Thanks for sharing your story. You sound like you care about folks, I understand broccoli is a good anti-inflammatory.

  62. Your story is very touching and you have come a long way. I enjoyed the videos you posted and the quotes. They were all uplifting. In our daily lives we never know the issues people face that we meet, it is always good to be a nice and caring human being. Thanks for stopping by my blog with your comments. Have a wonderful day and week, and continue to share your positive outlook of life with others.

  63. Canadian challenges - hee hee!
    I sprained my ankle 2 years ago and even though I did physio and am very active, it still swells up when I'm on my feet too much. I can't imagine a broken wrist.

  64. I'm sorry about your problem with hand. You are very brave!

  65. So sorry Linda for the accident, but I want to tell you that get over a depression is really difficult and it shows your strength! Keep fighting dear! Lots of hugs!

  66. Sad to hear about your accident. Prayers for you to get well soon.

  67. Linda, I am so sorry about your accident! Please take care of yourself! Keep being your wonderful self! I love these videos and quotes today! Many of the quotes spoke to me! I love the Canadian one about "ou"! LOL! If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. - Love that one too! Big Hugs!!


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    Your blog has a lot of information and nice videos. I will try to enjoy some of them.
    Sorry bad English.


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