Saturday, July 08, 2017

My Life is Beautiful!

Hello dear cousins, friends and readers!

I don't often make a post about myself but I do from time to time, if I feel I have something to say and share, and this is one of those times!

I made a post about a month ago about Hospital Emergency Rooms, mentioning that I had an attack of uveitis in my left eye and that I had gone to the hospital.  Well, my doctor took over the situation and did it so well!  He made a special appointment for he is not a specialist in ophthalmology, but he is very caring, professional and proactive, so he took a look at my very red and sore eye.  He then prescribed some eye drops and told me how and when to use them, so I did this. 

Meanwhile, he made an appointment for me with an ophthalmologist in a hospital.  I saw the ophthalmologist two weeks ago.  She asked me if I have arthritis and I confirmed I did...osteoarthritis, arthrosis and the beginning stages of osteoporosis.

She said that my arthritis was attacking my body, hence the attack of uveitis.  Now I had the same exact thing happen 14 years earlier...and for the same reason!

Now my left eye is cleared up and healed completely, and I am very grateful for this.  The ophthalmologist prescribed again the same eye drops my doctor did and this helped it to clear up and what a relief!

The summer has been fantastic so far here in Montreal and, for the first time in a very long time, I am actually enjoying it, because we have had very little high heat and humidity.  This means that I have been getting out a lot, taking long walks in nature, and my arthritis pain has been at a minimum.

As well, the depression has been staying away, which always helps, and I am taking one day at a time and enjoying life in the best way I know how.  

Some of my favourite things:

Flowers:  lilacs, lilies and poppies

Music:  Easy listening, pan flute, classic rock, disco and soothing sounds of nature

Meat:  Lamb, chicken, salmon and pork

Television:  America's Got Talent, The Waltons, Bewitched, The Andy Griffith Show, classic gameshows.

Reading:  mostly non-fiction, and some stories about experiences in WWII.  I also love uplifting stories about people and animals.

Beverages:  tea, (hot and iced), grape juice, milk, water

Is my life perfect?  Definitely not!  Is it a bed of roses?  Certainly not.  Is it beautiful?  Yes, it is!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this.  Much love and hugs to you all!  :)


  1. Good for you on the medical front!

    As we're not that far apart geographically speaking, the weather's been much the same here... not a lot of humidity. I like it that way.

  2. Thanks, Linda, for the eye update. I'm glad the eyedrops helped clear the problem. You should always keep some at home, just in case.
    Life is indeed beautiful when there are no health issues to bother us.

  3. Nice it's going well with you Linda, enjoy it !!

  4. Ah yes the arthritis is a bummer. Seems reasearch has found that women who eat at least 3 prunes daily have less issues. Seems rhe boron in them helps. Learning this sent me to try to find out more. Now we are able to buy Borax and make a dilited drink using purified water. Ir has mad a huge difference to mt brittle bones and Buddy has reduced pain from his Osteo`
    Yes there are beautiful days for sure.

  5. Well, Linda, that is the BEST news I've heard in a long time!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...

  6. So glad that you have had your eye sorted out, I am sure you must feel very relieved. I also love pan flute music, and oh how I used to love bewitched. Often when I get behind with things how I wish I could twitch my nose LOL. Take care and have a great Sunday. Diane

  7. So nice to read, dear friend !

  8. Dear Linda, I remember your previous post and am very happy to hear your eye is better. Hurrah for your lovely doctor and the ophthalmologist! Nature too is a wonderful healer, and I’m glad the weather is allowing you to enjoy it. Stay well sweet friend.

  9. I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Sunday. Madeline

  10. So glad to hear your eye is better. How nice to hear that Montreal is less humid and hot this summer. We are having a heat wave in BC.

  11. Dear Linda, it's so good to read your lovely post - and I'm very happy that life is beautiful for you.
    Sometimes our life paths intersect with the very ones from whom we need help, at the exact time we need it, don't they. Your Dr did his job of caring for your health so well.
    It's not good being told of the different conditions our bodies have come up with is it ... but it's our attitude that gets us through to manage them and enjoy life.
    Hooray for you Linda, I love how you're enjoying life and my warmest good wishes to you :D) xx

  12. Hello dear Linda,

    So lovely to read all this good news. I'm so happy for you!
    I wish you a nice weekend!

  13. I like this sentence;
    "Is my life beautiful! Yes, it is!"

  14. Glad to hear you are doing excellent now. This post makes me smile, I am happy for you. Thanks for sharing this update and continue enjoying life.

  15. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Hello Linda, this is Denise from Englishgirlrambles2016. I am having trouble signing in with my Google account so am using anonymous. So glad your eye problem has cleared up and that you have had two doctors that sound really caring folks. I am always interested how you are and really appreciate this update. Hugs, Denise

  16. Anonymous6:13 PM

    p.s. maybe my first message came through and if so my second may have been a repeat. Feel free to delete this and the other one. xxx Denise

  17. Dear Linda, I had not read the previous post about your health problems; but it is lovely to read now that you're feeling much better after treatment for your eye. Weather in here is so... changeable; too warm, too rainy... the result: too much pain, too :) ;)
    Your list of favourite things is lovely; i like the same spring flowers, adding peonies and water lilies! (*-*)Best regards and stay well! A great Sunday to you and good positive new week, too! Alexa

  18. Always peaceful
    Always beautiful, Linda...

    If you were a rose
    before your birth
    Or a tamarind
    a silver star in the sky ...
    You forgot that...

    But what you know is
    that you are...
    will be...
    moments ...
    patches of eternity …

  19. What a nice, cheery post, Linda. I'm so glad to hear that your eye is healed. Now you'll know what to do if the condition flares up again. We also enjoy "America's Got Talent," but we missed it this week. I'm going to see if we might be able to watch that episode online.

  20. This has been a wonderful summer so far around here too, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

  21. Thank you for taking the time to share more about yourself. I'm so very happy for you that your eye has cleared up, and that you are enjoying summer in Montreal. I wish your wonderful weather would venture south, as it is sweltering one minute, stormy the next. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.

  22. I certainly enjoyed reading this post about you, Linda. I'm glad that your eye has gotten better. That must have been so uncomfortable. I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis too ~ no fun. It's great that you're getting out and walking. It's important to keep moving. I do weight lifting too which has helped, and certainly easy stretching is important. Sometimes cool baths help me ~ but that's more for fibromyalgia pain, but it might help with arthritis pain too. I hope that you keep on enjoying a great Montreal summer. Sending you love and hugs!

  23. Positive thinking will take us a long way.


  24. Very nice to hear that everything is OK with you now. Enjoy your summer in Montreal. By the way, I have the same favourite flowers as you have.

  25. un plaisir de lire ces informations positives Linda

    je te remercie pour le partage

    have a nice sunday

  26. Sono contenta che piano piano ti stai riprendendo dall'uveite.

    Pensare positivo è sempre utile.

  27. Yes! Life is matter what
    it throws at us...! My anxiety and stress,
    l've treated with contempt...suffered with
    it ALL my life, yet, l manage to get through
    it...! :).
    The post about Doctors etc..for me, a bit of
    good an appointment
    to see a neurologist on Sept 19th. And, l'm going
    through 6x1hr sessions with a Psychologist......
    breathing, exercise..etc..done it before...! Always
    try again.

    And, writing it all down is good to, for one self,
    and the people reading it, gets things off your chest,
    and some good advice along the way!

    Lovely post Linda..and comments..Reminded me of Mary
    Poppins...Some of my Favourite Thing...!!! :).

  28. Thrilled to hear that your have had your eye sorted and that you are feeling good within yourself. Indeed, life is beautiful, its just hard sometimes to find its beauty.

  29. Good to hear all those positive results and thoughts Linda. Keep it up and enjoy your Sunday in the great outdoors.

  30. Dear Linda - Sorry, I seem to have missed the post about your eye problem but so nice to know you have been healed from uveitis and have enjoyed comfortable summer. This post of personal information made me feel closer to you. I’m reading The Book Thief currently and my favorite beverages are lemongrass tea and roasted green tea.


  31. There's arthritis in my family too. My great grandma had osteo and rhumatoid (spelling?) arthritis in every singe joint of her body. My mum has just been diagnosed too. Glad to hear your eye is healing.

  32. Aw. I also just got sick. I'm sorry to hear you've had this discomfort. Hope you're feeling better and back to normal.

  33. The Waltons. Now, there's a flashback! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  34. Je suis contente que tes yeux vont mieux. On a tous des problèmes de santé, il faut savoir vivre avec, n'est-ce pas? Moi j'ai de l'artrose à ma colonne vertébrale avec 2 hernies.
    Gros bisous et bonne continuation.

  35. Hi Linda! I'm so glad your eye is better! Thank God for good docs who care. : )

    Your summer sounds plum luverly! Music and tea coupled with nature walks...Greatness. : )

    Have a blessed and restful Sunday dear friend!

  36. Really glad that you are feeling okay and better now. Hope it stays like this because health is really important!
    Have a good week

  37. What a lovely post. We can dwell on the negative things in our lives and we all have those negative things, or we can dwell on the positive things and I believe there are far more positive things.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  38. At 79 years old, I've learned a few things. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind", or "You are what you think about all the time", or "You'll see it when you believe it".

    I'm so happy to see that you're emphasizing the positive, because this will bring positive results.

    We love your posts - stay healty and keep posting.

  39. Je suis contente de savoir que tu vas bien, passe un très bon été!!! Bise, bonne soirée toute douce!

  40. Glad your eye got better! Glad you'be been enjoying summer. Nature, walk, food, music, is beautiful:-)

  41. Thanks to Linda. Great writing. I have bad osteoarthritis on my knees.

  42. YAY for great doctors, eye drops that work, good weather and oh so much more! catchatwithcarenandcody

  43. Ihana postaus Linda ! Olen iloinen että sinun silmäsi on parantunut ja muutenkin voit hyvin Lämpimiä ajatuksia ystäväni
    Linda ♥♥

  44. Lovely post!


  45. Dear Linda, glad to hear your eye is better. I totally understand about the high heat and humidity wreaking havoc with arthritis. It's been a bit more humid here in Maine as of lately and I've mostly stayed indoors with the air conditioner on low. I hope the rest of your summer is wonderful. We will be back in the cold and snow soon enough.

  46. You've got a handle on life Linda! Keep it up. i'm glad that prescription worked for your eye.

  47. So glad to read your eye condition cleared up!
    Wonderful that you really have been enjoying the summer so far. It has been cooler and less humid so far here in Brighton, Ontario too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  48. Your life is blessed and I am so happy for you.

  49. Such great news Linda, thanks for sharing. Nice to see a personal post. Keep up the positive outlook, I know how hard it can be. xo

  50. How wonderful that you are healed, Linda! So happy that you shared with us because I've been praying for you. Now I'm praising God! I like tea and pan flute music, too! I know exercise is crucial for arthritis and I go to the gym, but it's getting harder with my knees (osteoarthritis.)

  51. An excellent primary care doctor in your corner is a blessing, i'm so glad your eye trouble is under control! Life is not always easy, but there are always so many things we can be grateful for.

  52. I'm glad to hear your eye is getting better. That has to be so scary ... We have to take care of our eyes. thanks for sharing this with us...have a wonderful evening....

  53. It's great that you feel better, Linda! I love your post. Have a happy week :). Greetings!

  54. I am so glad that you are feeling better. Both my Granddad and my Auntie has arthritis and had a very bad time of it most of the time. Lilacs and lilies are also two of my favourite flowers. The small from them on a summer night is intoxicating. Getting out into Nature is a great tonic.Hope that the weather stays nice for you. Xx

  55. Hello, Linda! I am so glad you eye has healed and the doctors helped. It is always nice to learn more about you. I love poppies and classic rock too. I prefer reading non-fiction or mysteries and some feel good stories. There is enough drama and bad in the world. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  56. Ah sweet Linda - I am always so happy to read about your life. So thankful your eye has cleared up. Arthritis can be such a debilitating always seem to make the very best of it. Love your flowers and choice of music - food too friend. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  57. Me alegro mucho de tu mejoría y que disfrutes paseando en la naturaleza. También que disfrutes de tus actividades preferidas.


  58. Not got your problems but getting out in nature is always beneficial. Once spent a week getting drops in my eyes every day which made my eyes blurry and red so couldn't read or see properly yet had to be in hospital for long stretches at a time during it in waiting rooms. Boy, was I bored just staring at walls as I normally read magazines or books in that situation to pass the time.

  59. Hi, Linda!
    I am glad to hear you eye is better.
    Some of your favorite things are similar to mine!
    Thank your for the beautiful post<3


  60. This is beautiful to read, Linda. Thank you for opening up to us.. xx Big hug! Happy to hear that the weather's been good.

  61. Linda, I am so happy you have a good doctor and that he took care of you! I'm glad your eye is better! So sorry about the arthritis! I'm happy you are out walking and enjoying your beautiful life! As you said, one day at a time my friend! Big Hugs!

  62. Hi Linda. I feel identified you. Almost the same age and the same health problems, uveítis, osteoarthritis, depression... Blog helps, I am your follower.
    Greetings from Galicia.

  63. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It has certainly lifted up my mood swings. God Bless you always with good health & happiness.


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