Thursday, March 01, 2012

It is snowing and blowing outside today!  I have been thinking about how much things have changed over the decades!  Remember these pay phones?
Sometimes it seems like only yesterday since I saw one, but it has been quite sometime.  They made a pleasant jingle when you inserted coins, and back then a local phone call was a mere ten cents.  Of course you also had rotary dialing back then, and the telephone ring was louder then, too.

Perhaps not all of you will remember these...but I am sure many of you will.  This was a favourite of mine when I was a child, and it kept me happily busy for hours.  
Last but not least, for today...I remember when my parents had bread and milk delivered to the door.  As well, the milk was in bottles back then, and the bottles were sturdy and beautiful.  Borden was the milk we drank back then.

The above photos bring back some great memories for me...and I hope they do for you as well!

I hope you all have a great day, and thanks so much for visiting me here!


  1. I remember them all well. My uncle delivered milk for Borden's Dairy.

  2. Nice sharing! A reflation of our past.

  3. I remember that 'Etch-a-sketch' thing. I didn't have one, but my neighbours here in the UK did. Wished I had one, too!


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